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Google® My Business
URL Property Registration

Did you know you can build your own Google My Business Property? Or We can build it together. And we become managers of your URL Property Managers. Why us? Its our White Label Authority. Call Us Now!

Google® YouTube Channel  Verification and Accounts Link-Up

No on YouTube everything must be verified, and property matched to your Google My Business URL Property Registration. And your Google Ads Account Number to your ....

YouTube Verified Account. 


Google® Compliance Officer - GCO

What is a Google Compliance Officer? With the ever changing Google Term and Conditions. And making sure everyone on your team. What is going on with Google Products and Services at all times. 

Google® Maps Account

Development and Training

Do you know how important it is to use your Google Maps. It creates node connection to help move you along in your journeys through Google World Wide Web. We teach you everythinging you need to know about Google Mass.

Google® Alerts Account

Development and Training

Did you know the new way to get you important information and news? We put together a comprehensive list of immediate alerts b google. With the News you want to hear. From hurricanes to business key words. To which we also monitor; keep close AI-Eyes on your alerts. 

Google® Ads Account

Opening and Training

You here everyone talking about Google AdWords; Now Called "Google Ads". Open an account with us. And you will get wholesale buys. And other Google Perks. We can White Label for you. This means big boost in Authority. But first you must build organically. 

Google® Organic Accounts Content Development and UpLoads

The Internet changed on January 1, 2020 and on March 31, 2020 Google Terms and Conditions changed. And you either clicked Learn or Dismiss? Nevertheless, Google Organic Search results are the foundation for Top Position Google ads placements. That are supported by

Bottom Google Ads 

Remember the Organic Search is tht Genesis Conversation Block; linking to both the Top Google Ads and the Bottom of Google Ads.

Google® Copyright

Protection and Enforcement

We make sure your content is protected, and we can go into our Google Dashboard. And see where your content may be used. Remember, you can do all this stuff yourself. We have been doing this since 2006. Officially 2011.

The good news you can nott find a better Google Coach than with Google My Business Developer.

The good news! Artificial Intelligence has moved on to the next level of indexing. 

Google® Products and Services

Knowledge is Everything

Google Products and Service can be a bit over whelming for some of us. That is why We are here to help you with all you Google Needs. And every person and business are different, even in the same Category, and Business classification/industries and subject matter.

For right now, let us just get your Business Verified by Google, YouTube, and the is more, lots more. Lets's just take baby steps. So you can through our process.  And learning you have absolute Authority Over Yourselves. 

Therefore on Google; you can only blame yourselves; not learning the Google Basics.


"An investment in knowledge pays the
 best interest."

Benjamin Franklin

Apply for Admission

Make a decision that will change your life for the better, every day. Knowing you can achieve your full potential as a reader, writer, and thinker. Whatever it is you want to build, create, manufacture, etc...

Always, Get Verified and Establish Authority Ownership over Conversations, and Your Industry. And remember, you can go and open all your own Google Accounts, and even open and carry out all your wants and needs for Google Products and Services.

The internet went from Quantity to Quality to content use by Google end users who are looking for directions, products, services, no more fake followers, fake likes, bias reviews. Those who hate and suppress...

Do not, Do It! Do the Right Thing! Artificial Intelligence will fck your life up! Especially in the Future. Next level knowledge jump is on 01.01.21


  • SMO Worldwide

    SMO Worldwide: We are proud to be part of this new Knowledge Curve advancement in Google® Business and knowledge, of ones Google My Business Developer Account. The next 10 years will be about. Do the Right Thing, and the chance to make friends with people from all across the globe.

  • Vitruvian MAN I am so Happy to be part of this advancement of knowledge on using only one platform. Some people complain Google is too intrusive. And they want rules and regulations bestowed on Google. When in fact, most people have all agreed to the terms and conditions. So, again we have people who do not like something, and does not want anyone else, to have the right to use Google or not. Also, Some people are upset because their apps will not work on Google. Let us as you. Can you take your favorite cut of steaks, to a steak house, and asked them to cook it? Stop asking Google to cook your steaks! – Vitruvian MAN

  • GP7A Attorneys Directory

    GP7A Attorneys Directory we are glad to be part of this new knowledge brake through thats free to everyone. But if you are really seroius about protecting your brand, your conversations, your ideas, etc. You need to have a Google Knowledge Panel you control. - GAD


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